I'd like to make a template that takes a pack of templates and instantiates them with the same argument pack.

Unfortunately I can't seem to figure out how to expand a parameter pack inside a parameter pack of templates.

How can I make this compile?

#include <tuple>

template <template <typename...> typename... Args>
struct TupleTupleMaker
    template <typename... InstantiateWith>
    using NewTupleTuple = typename std::tuple<Args<InstantiateWith...>...>;

template<typename a, typename b>
using tuple1 = std::tuple<int,a,b>;

template<typename a, typename b>
using tuple2 = std::tuple<a,b,b>;

using expected = std::tuple<

using actual = TupleTupleMaker<tuple1,tuple2>::NewTupleTuple<int,double>;

static_assert(std::is_same_v<actual,expected>, "Should be same");
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    tuple1 is not template <typename...> typename Args, which seems to be the problem. – Jarod42 Jul 3 '18 at 10:18

Per the direction of core issue 1430, you can't pack expand into an alias template with a fixed parameter list. The workaround is to rewrite tuple1 and tuple2 by routing them through a class template:

template<class a, class b>
struct tuple1_impl { using type = std::tuple<int,a,b>; };

template<typename... a>
using tuple1 = typename tuple1_impl<a...>::type;

template<class a, class b>
struct tuple2_impl { using type = std::tuple<a,b, b>; };

template<typename... a>
using tuple2 = typename tuple2_impl<a...>::type;

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