Im looking for a plugin thats the same as GitGutter (a Sublime Text) plugin.

I can't seem to see my changes in the gutter when I modify a file with the standard VS code version control git set up. Or am I missing a setting in the config for VS Code.

Thanks in advance.


So I'm out of luck when it comes to that basic GitGutter Sublime text like plugin for VS code, but I found a really hardcode git plugin that does quite a lot more than I was initially looking for. So I guess Im going to use this for now.

The plugin is called GitLens. Hope this helps the next person thats stuck it in the same boat as me.

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VS Code gutter indicators for git is supported out of the box. A couple of things to check:

  • Ensure that the scm.diffDecorations setting is set to either all or gutter.
  • Ensure that the git.enabled setting is set to true.
  • Disable all extensions to see if one of them is causing it not to show in the gutter.
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