I'm slightly unsure of how the generated-members of pylint works.

Lets say I add the following to .pylintrc:


It hides the following commit error:

E1101:Instance of 'scoped_session' has no 'commit' member

However, this hides commit errors in general, from what I understand. Can I somehow specify the exact class member with generated-members? For example (pseudo):


I had the same problem. The code


causes pylint errors:

[pylint] E1101:Instance of 'scoped_session' has no 'add' member
[pylint] E1101:Instance of 'scoped_session' has no 'commit' member

I added the following string in pylintrc


and errors disappear.

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  • I was having this issue with db.Column and the various db column types. I added them specifically: db.Column, db.Integer, db.String, ... to generated-members and the errors went away – bjg222 Jan 30 '19 at 19:45

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