I'm a beginner in React and at the moment I try to connect my first app to a Firebase database.

I have two files for that. The first, is a config.js file where all the information about the database are stored, like this:

`export default {
    apiKey: "***",
    authDomain: "***",
    databaseURL: "***",
    projectId: "***",
    storageBucket: "***",
    messagingSenderId: "***"

And my other file, App.js:

`import React, { Component } from 'react';
import './App.css';

import * as firebase from 'firebase';
import config from 'firebase';

class App extends Component {
constructor () {

    this.state = { loading: true }

  componentWillMount () {
    const capsRef = firebase.database().ref('Capsules')

    capsRef.on('value', snapshot => {
        Capsules: snapshot.val(),
        loading: false

  render () {
    if (this.state.loading) {
      return (
        <p>Je suis en train de charger.</p>

    const capsRef = Object.keys(this.state.tweets).map(key => {
      return <p key={key}>{this.state.Capsules[key].designation}</p>

    return (




export default App;`

So, when I refresh my browser, I have an error message : "Firebase: Firebase App named '[DEFAULT]' already exists (app/duplicate-app)."

Can anyone help me ? It's been a week now that I'm looking for a solution by myself.

  • Can you show your config file? – Colin Ricardo Jul 4 '18 at 10:50
  • Hello Collin, thank a lot for your help ! In my config file, I just have my database information write exactly like in my first post. – LittleBigBoy Jul 4 '18 at 11:48
  • You'll need to somehow make sure that initializeApp is called only once. – Doug Stevenson Jul 4 '18 at 17:32

Hard to tell without seeing your code, but you could try:

if (!firebase.apps.length) {

in your config file.


This error occurs when you trying to initialize firebase again and again. It should be initialized at once and use to avoid Firebase app named '[DEFAULT]' already exists you have to change your initialization style.

try {
databaseURL: "https://FULL_databaseURL_PUT_HERE.com",
storageBucket: "FULL_storageBucket_PUT_HEREappspot.com",
} catch (err) {
// we skip the "already exists" message which is
// not an actual error when we're hot-reloading
if (!/already exists/.test(err.message)) {
console.error('Firebase initialization error raised', err.stack)
  • I have a similar problem. In my App I'm initialising Firebase twice with 2 different configuration as I'd like to connect to 2 different projects (realtime database). Is it possible? If yes, what's the workaround? Thanks – Butri Feb 23 at 16:32

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