I have a working google app script web app and trying to migrate it as a progressive web app. I googled but found no documents on how to do it. I found a link describing how to migrate a web app into a progressive one in the fallowing link (on the google site):

Migrate Your Site to Progressive Web App

I started applying the steps but, when it comes to change the default manifest file (appsscript.json) I got an error like "Invalid manifest:unknown property name".

The original manifest content was :

    "timeZone": "Europe/Istanbul",
    "dependencies": {
    "webapp": {
        "access": "MYSELF",
        "executeAs": "USER_DEPLOYING"
    "exceptionLogging": "STACKDRIVER"

The lines I added were as the above link dictates:

"name": "The Most Awesome Dragon Site",
"short_name": "MYFIRSTPWA",
"display": "minimal-ui",
"start_url": "/",
"theme_color": "#673ab6",
"background_color": "#111111",
"icons": [
        "src": "icon-192.png",
        "sizes": "192x192",
        "type": "image/png"

When i check the info about google manifest file content there were no property names like name, short_name, display, start_url etc. (see the link bellow)


So does this mean a google app scripts web app can not be migrated to a progressive web app?

İf possible , where to find info on how to?

Thank you.


These two manifests are very different and perform different functions.

Apps Script Manifest - appsscript.json

An Apps Script project manifest is a special JSON file that specifies a basic project information that Apps Script needs to run the script successfully.

This file tells Google infrastructure how it should configure and run your script.

PWA Manifest - manifest.json

This manifest file describes meta information about a site, such as how it might look when added to a user's home screen.

This is a JSON file that your HTML links to and user's browsers will download. It's similar to how you would make and serve HTML but it's different content.

  • Thank you very much. – Facimus Jul 6 '18 at 8:57

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