I am trying to develop a flutter app. This flutter is creating teams for a card game. After the creation of the team, the points could be counted through the, so that you don't have to think about how many points everybody has.

But I got an exception, where I know where the exception and what it means, but i do not have any clue how i could solve the problem. I hope some of you guys could help me.

This is the code where the error is thrown:

import 'package:flutter/material.dart';

class Punktezaehler extends StatefulWidget{

  final List<String> spieler_namen;

  State<StatefulWidget> createState() => new _Punktezaehler(this.spieler_namen);

class _Punktezaehler extends State<Punktezaehler>{

  final List<String> spieler_namen;

  List<int> punkteanzahl_teamEins;
  List<int> punkteanzahl_teamZwei;

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {

    var spieler1 = spieler_namen[0].substring(0,3);
    var spieler2 = spieler_namen[1].substring(0,3);
    var spieler3 = spieler_namen[2].substring(0,3);
    var spieler4 = spieler_namen[3].substring(0,3);

    return new Scaffold(
      appBar: new AppBar(
        automaticallyImplyLeading: false,
        title: new Text("$spieler1 & $spieler2 vs" +" $spieler3 & $spieler4"),
        actions: <Widget>[

      body: Container(
        child: new Row(
          children: <Widget>[
            new Column(
              children: <Widget>[
                new IconButton(
                    icon: Icon(Icons.exposure_plus_2),
                    onPressed: () => punkte_hinzuzaehlen(1, 2)
            new Column(
              children: <Widget>[
                //new FlatButton(onPressed: () => print(punkteanzahl_teamEins.length), child: new Text("Punkte")),
                  itemCount: punkteanzahl_teamEins.length, //--> Error is thrown here
                  itemBuilder: (context, index){
                    return Text(punkteanzahl_teamEins[index].toString());
                new Row()
            new Column(
              children: <Widget>[
                new IconButton(
                    icon: Icon(Icons.exposure_plus_2),
                    onPressed: () => punkte_hinzuzaehlen(2, 2)

  void punkte_hinzuzaehlen(int team, int nummer){
    if (team == 1){
      //Team 1 bekommt die Punkte
      print("Team 1 gets points");
    else if(team == 2){
      //Team 2 bekommt die Punkte
      print("Team 2 gets points");

And this is the error message:

══╡ EXCEPTION CAUGHT BY GESTURE ╞═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
I/flutter (26028): The following NoSuchMethodError was thrown while handling a gesture:
I/flutter (26028): The getter 'length' was called on null.
I/flutter (26028): Receiver: null
I/flutter (26028): Tried calling: length

After the fix, I got another error:

══╡ EXCEPTION CAUGHT BY RENDERING LIBRARY ╞═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
I/flutter (26028): The following assertion was thrown during performResize():
I/flutter (26028): Vertical viewport was given unbounded width.
I/flutter (26028): Viewports expand in the cross axis to fill their container and constrain their children to match
I/flutter (26028): their extent in the cross axis. In this case, a vertical viewport was given an unlimited amount of
I/flutter (26028): horizontal space in which to expand.
  • its probably before your list punkteanzahl_teamEins gets populated with data length is being called. solution is to either initialize it or show some progressindicator while the data gets in Jul 25 '19 at 5:56

punkteanzahl_teamEins is only declared. But not initialized. So it is throwing null error.

You should assign value to punkteanzahl_teamEins as

List<int> punkteanzahl_teamEins = [1,4,5,7];

or pass data from parent as requirement.

  • 4
    Kepp remember you can just initialize emty list List<int> punkteanzahl_teamEins = []
    – Blasanka
    Jul 4 '18 at 16:27
  • After the fix I got another error that says: EXCEPTION CAUGHT BY RENDERING LIBRARY. Described above
    – user9047282
    Jul 4 '18 at 16:57
  • Try this : Wrap your container inside SingleChildScrollView and set scroll direction horizontal. Jul 4 '18 at 17:03
  • Or you can initialize with empty array also. Jan 30 '20 at 7:25

It happens when we try to send or call value, methods and properties on null-objects

For me This issue arise when i try to send a null value in http request flutter automaticaly convert into a string. That's why it's give error

To avoid this, first check that it is not a null, then use it, Here is how to do it

Dart offers a ?. and ?? operator for null check

Using of ??

var result = anyValue ?? ""; 

Using of ?.

itemCount: punkteanzahl_teamEins?.length,

// To use more ways

1) final value = myObject?.someProperty.value;

2) var result = myObject?.someProperty.value ?? ""

We spend lost's of time to resolve issue finally we got a solution is: Please check you pubspec.yaml and remove extra '-' in case of assets file and also please follow the structure of that like spacing and all that.

We are must sure that issue only in pubspec.yaml file


First one check spieler_namen is null or not.If it is null then use below code i hope this will solve your problem.....

if(spieler_namen == null){
  new Container(width: 10.0,height:  10.0,);
 your requirement .......

In our case, we got this error when Internet Connection is off after calling webservice.

  • I have the same problem with AudioPlayer lib. then I found out that the audio link id invalid.
    – wangsir
    Jul 9 '20 at 5:09

Initialize your list, and run hot restart (press R).

It works correctly.


I fix this by revisiting this section in pubspec.yaml

# To add assets to your application, add an assets section, like this:
# assets:
#  - images/a_dot_burr.jpeg
#  - images/a_dot_ham.jpeg

Ensure your spacing, hyphens and filenames are correct. Note: You do not need to list every image file; instead, you can just list their directory:

- images/

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