How to write vue syntax v-on:click.native in JSX?

For example v-on:click in JSX is onClick.


Answer was in the documentation for babel-plugin-transform-vue-jsx and it is nativeOnClick:

<el nativeOnClick={this.nativeOnClickHandler} />

Accepted answer is wrong.

When using JSX (render function) you'd do this:

  components: {someComp},
  functional: true,
  render:function (h, c){
    return h(someComp, {
      nativeOn: {
        click: function(){
    }, []);
import SomeComp from '...'
return default {
  functional: true,
  render: (h, c) => <SomeComp nativeOn={{ click: e => { /* ... */} }} />
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    Nope. JSX and render function are not the same thing! You just show render function without JSX, and I was asking about JSX one. You can read about it more here: facebook.github.io/jsx – Everettss Oct 17 '18 at 5:08

In vue/jsx latest version: https://github.com/vuejs/jsx

v-on:click.native => vOn:click_native

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