How can I access a catalyst expression (not regular UDF) in spark SQL scala DSL API? only allows for text based execution

var stringDf = sparkSession.sql(
    |SELECT ST_SaveAsWKT(countyshape)
    |FROM polygondf

When I try to use the SQL scala DSL df.withColumn("foo", ST_Point(col("x"), col("y"))) I get an error of type mismatch expected column got ST_Point.

What do I need to change to properly register the catalyst expression as something which is callable directly via scala SQL DSL API?


catalyst expressions are all registered via



import org.apache.spark.sql.geosparksql.expressions.ST_Point
val  myPoint = udf((x: Double, y:Double) => ST_Point _)

fails with:

_ must follow method; cannot follow org.apache.spark.sql.geosparksql.expressions.ST_Point.type

You can access expressions that aren't exposed in the org.apache.spark.sql.functions package using the expr method. It doesn't actually give you a UDF-like object in Scala, but it does allow you to write the rest of your query using the Dataset API.

Here's an example from the docs:

// get the number of words of each length
  • That is a great workaround, but I still would like to learn how to perform the registration so it is properly available as a typesafe scala DSL function – Georg Heiler Jul 11 at 5:17

Here's another method that you can use to call the UDF and what I've done so far.

      .withColumn("locationPoint", callUDF("ST_Point", col("longitude"),

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