How should I build my findBy method name so I can implement a where clause -

statusCode != 'Denied'

Is this be an option?

findByStatusCodeNotIn(List<String> statusCode);

What if I want to just pass a String instead of a list?

Thank You


Have you taken a look at the documentation about this in the Spring Data JPA docs?

#findByStatusCodeNot(String statusCode);

It's akin the example in the docs like:


Hope that helps!


According to the Spring Data JPA Documentation on https://docs.spring.io/spring-data/jpa/docs/current/reference/html/#reference

you can achieve this by using the "Not" keyword. forinstance your method would be

 findByStatusCodeNot(String statusCode);

This means to achieve "statusCode != 'Denied'", you would call the method as


@Dovmo is right, but also keep in mind that if you are operating a String data, that you have to taking into account a registry, i.e. findByStatusCodeNot(String statusCode) will find only records that are not 'Denied' as is, but not for instance 'DeniEd'. In this case you can use notation IgnoreCase - findByStatusCodeNotIgnoreCase(String statusCode)

In general please follow the link that has gave @Dovmo

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