I get all videos and images in device library then show it all in a UICollectionView. Each cell has a thumbnail and a small button at the left corner, where the user taps on the button, and if cell is video, the video will be played full screen, otherwise, if cell is image, the image will be showed fullscreen (tap to preview).

Preview image is OK, but I'm getting stuck at previewing videos.

I'm using AVKit to play the video (code below - nothing special)

        self.playerItem = AVPlayerItem(url: assetUrl)
        self.player.replaceCurrentItem(with: self.playerItem)
        self.present(self.playerViewController, animated: true) {
            if self.player.currentItem?.asset.tracks(withMediaType: .video).count == 0 {
                print("Oops! no video here")
            } else {

The result is good, but the strange thing is, sometimes (especially after scrolling), when tapping the button, player view controller is showed but getting stuck at buffering and does not play anything. I checked and saw that isReadyForDisplay is FALSE (-> print("Oops! no video here")'s case).

How can I fix that ?

I tried all the code regarding playing videos that I could find on google (even the DispatchQueue.main.async.... way) but still cannot fix that.

  • Were you able to figure this out? – Madala Feb 21 at 5:41

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