I want to be able to get the text of the selected option and not the value. I would use the value but Angular is changing it and putting the value in a ng-reflect-ng-value attribute.

<option _ngcontent-c1="" value="5: 1" ng-reflect-ng-value="1">Miscellaenous</option>

This will work, but I want to check that it equals "Miscellaenous"


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This worked for me:

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This is how it should be done:

cy.get('#id-9999').find('option:selected').should('have.text', 'Miscellaenous');

Among other things, it checks for the exact match and not for a substring (like in your solution).

  • I think you are on to something. I like this way better!!!!!!!!
    – Maccurt
    Jan 21, 2021 at 20:21

We've found that chaining find() off get() sometimes breaks our tests, so we use this other way:

cy.get("#my-select-element option:selected")
   .should("have.value", 3);

as opposed to:

   .should("have.value", 3);

When using Cypress I found that :selected did not work, however :checked did work. So to modify one of the other answers here, this works (at least for me):

cy.get("#my-select-element option:checked")
   .should("have.value", 3);

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