In SAS VA Dashboard I am using calculating item in button bar and I need that at least one value should be selected in that button bar .It's working fine when I am selecting required options from button bar.

But when next day the data gets updated then all values are get deselected(I want at least one value should be selected as per my requirement) as I used required option in button bar still it's not working .

Previously it's working fine in SAS VA 7.3 version but now I am using SAS VA 7.4 and i am getting this issue.

Like I have used required option in button bar for other variables also in SAS VA 7.4 they are working fine but for calculated item it's not working.

So it's like we can't use that required option of button Bar for calculated item ?

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    Try posting SAS VA question on As it's not a programming language,not sure it makes sense to be on SO. – Reeza Jul 9 at 1:46
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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this is not about programming. – Joe Jul 9 at 4:53

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