I'm having some trouble with an error 'aesthetics must be either length 1 or the same as the data' for a reactive ggplot in a shiny.

First, a little bit of info on the structure of the data:

I'm using a big dataset, with lots of variables. As seen in the code below, I've built a reactive dataset to first filter by geography (higher and lower levels) and service type. The user then has the option to choose a Y variable using a radioButton input. In the example given below, the Services variable is the total number of commercial services being run by brands in the area, whereas the Brand variable is a list of Brands operating in that locality. As an example:

"Brand"     "Services"    "Rating"
  A         25            Good
  B         12            Good 
  C         45            Poor
  ...       ...           ...

I'm want my Y variable made changeable according to a radioButton input. There are two possible variables, one is numerical (i.e. 'Services' or number of services) and the other is categorical (i.e. commercial brands). Both vectors are the same length. In sum, I want the Y axis to show a count of either variables (i.e. No. Services or No. Brands).

However, when I change the radioButton selection, the visual does not update and (as seen in the images 1 and 2 below) the Y axis does not format properly.

What am I missing?

Image 1: Selected Services enter image description here

Image 2: Selected Brands enter image description here


ui <- fluidPage(
   titlePanel("Test App"),
      sidebarPanel(id = "sidebar",
                   radioButtons("y", "Choose Y variable",
                                selected = "Services")
            tabsetPanel(type = "tabs",
                        tabPanel("Visual", plotOutput("plot", height = "500px")),
                        tabPanel("Underlying data", dataTableOutput("table"))


server <- function(input, output) {

   output$geography1 = renderUI({
      selectInput(inputId = "geog1",
                  label = "Select geography (higher):", 
                  choices = as.character(unique(Test$Geog1)),
                  selected = "Region")
   datasub <- reactive({
      filter(Test, Geog1 %in% input$geog1)

   output$geography2 = renderUI({
      selectInput(inputId = "geog2", 
                  label = "Select geography (lower):", 
                  choices = unique(datasub()[,"Geog2"]),
                  selected = unique(datasub()[,"Geog2"])[1]) 
   datasub2 <- reactive({
      filter(datasub(), Geog2 %in% input$geog2)

   output$service = renderUI({
      selectInput(inputId = "service",
                  label = "Select Service Type:",
                  choices = unique(datasub2()[,"Sub_type"]),
                  selected = unique(datasub2()[,"Sub_type"])[1])
   datasub3 <- reactive({
      filter(datasub2(), Sub_type %in% input$service)


   y <- switch(input$y, 
               "Services" = datasub3()$Services,
               "Brands" = datasub3()$Brands)

   # Plot
   output$plot = renderPlot({

      ggplot(datasub3(), aes(x = Overall_rating, y = input$y, fill = Overall_rating))+
         geom_bar(stat = "identity")+
 scale_fill_manual(name = "Overall Service Rating", values = colours)


   # Generate an data table view of the data ----
   output$table <- renderDataTable({

      shinyApp(ui, server)  

Image 3: Example of Desired Outcome enter image description here

  • In ggplot try aes_string(x="Overall_rating", y=as.character(input$y), fill= "Overall_rating") – A. Suliman Jul 9 at 9:18
  • Unfortunately doesn't work, the code returns: "Object Overall_rating not found". – Pryore Jul 9 at 9:24
  • Can you please provide reproducible data set – A. Suliman Jul 9 at 9:31
  • You are missing some parenthesis/brackets. Could you please make sure that your code is running properly? – Ozan147 Jul 9 at 9:33
  • @A.Suliman I can only provide you with a sample dataset. Is this okay? Sample_data <- data.frame( Geog1 = c("Region","Region","Region","Region","Region","Region"), Geog2 = c("North West","North West","North West","North West","North West","North West"), Service_type = c("Shops","Shops","Shops","Shops","Shops","Shops"), Services = c(45,25,25,15,40,23), Brands = c("Brand A","Brand B","Brand C","Brand D","Brand E","Brand F"), Overall_rating = c("Good","Good","Poor","Okay","Very Poor","Okay","Unrated") ) – Pryore Jul 9 at 9:45
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The problem was switch, which should define as below inside a reactive expression

y <- reactive(switch(input$y, 
                "Services" = datasub3()$Services,
                "Brands" = datasub3()$Brands))

ggplot call will be

ggplot(datasub3(), aes(x = Overall_rating, y = y(), fill = Overall_rating))

Provided data set does not include Sub_type variable, hence I work with datasub2(). But if you counter any issues let me know.


  ggplot(datasub3(), aes(x = Overall_rating, y =y(), fill = Overall_rating))+
  geom_bar(stat = "identity") + 
  scale_fill_manual(name = "Overall Service Rating", values = colours) +
  geom_text(aes(label=Services), angle=00, hjust= 0.5, vjust=-1, cex=5)
  • Sorry my bad, I should've said, that the 'Sub_Type' variable is actually refering to Service_type variable. However, I tried to run the code like you said and it's throwing the following error = Attempted to assign value to a read-only reactivevalues object. Any ideas? Thanks Suliman – Pryore Jul 9 at 10:26
  • *جزاك الله خير, I should say – Pryore Jul 9 at 10:44
  • 1
    Sorry I missed y before () inside ggplot. But it works fine for me, try to remove the server side and added back one by one to check where the error is generated. It is my pleasure, و اياك ;) – A. Suliman Jul 9 at 10:46
  • That works, الحمد لله, the only issue I'm having now is that the Y axis is displaying the names of the Brands rather than the count of the Brands for each Rating category. Does this make sense? E.g. Y axis to display the number of Brands with Good rating etc. – Pryore Jul 9 at 10:55
  • Please check my update, I hope I get you correctly. – A. Suliman Jul 9 at 11:16

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