We are considering using pgbouncer for our project, which includes dynamic db creation (i.e each and every tenant that is added - a new db created)

As far as I understand, pgbouncer takes a config file that maps the databases.

The question is - is there a way adding new databases to pgbouncer without restarting it? (adding a new db row in the config.ini file)


I was actually looking into this same issue. It doesn't seem to be possible by default right now (per this issue). The originator of that issue has a branch of his fork for dynamic pooling, but it doesn't seem that will be merged. I wouldn't use it in production unless you're up to the additional work of maintaining a forked dependency for your project.

The current way is updating the .ini. However, in addition to the overhead of maintaining configuration in another place this is further complicated because based on the docs the "online restart" capability of pgbouncer only works for non-TLS connections and if your pgbouncer is running with unix sockets. So depending on your system configuration online restarts for the potentially frequent updates might be out of the question.

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