I have two vector(Vector3) positions of a line on a plane whose normal vector is known .What I am trying to do is draw a line perpendicular to this line on the same plane. Suppose end1 and end2 are two vectors representing the ends of the original line What I am trying right now :

                    var line1 = end1 + ( (end2-end1)* 1 );
                    var rotatedLine = Quaternion.AngleAxis( 90, anchor.transform.rotation*Vector3.up ) * end1;
                    //Debug.DrawLine(end2, rotatedLine, Color.blue);
                    var newLine1 = Instantiate(line );
                    LineRenderer lr2 = newLine1.GetComponent<LineRenderer>();

where anchor.transform.rotation*Vector3.up represents the normal of the plane. However this does not produce the required results

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use Cross product to calculate perpendicular line:

if N is the plane normal, direction of perpendicular line is:

Vector3 dir = Vector3.Cross( N, ( end2 - end1 ).normalized );

and the line is defined by:

lr2.SetPosition( 0, end1 );
lr2.SetPosition( 1, end1 + dir );

(use Cross( ( end2 - end1 ).normalized, N ); for the opposite direction.

  • Thank you so much for the answer ,setting second position as "end1+ dir" was where I was going wrong
    – Kitwradr
    Jul 10, 2018 at 7:10

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