I have successfully trained a DNNClassifier to classify texts (posts from an online discussion board). I've created and saved my model using this code:

embedded_text_feature_column = hub.text_embedding_column(
feature_columns = [embedded_text_feature_column]
estimator = tf.estimator.DNNClassifier(
    hidden_units=[500, 100],
feature_spec = tf.feature_column.make_parse_example_spec(feature_columns)
serving_input_receiver_fn = tf.estimator.export.build_parsing_serving_input_receiver_fn(feature_spec)
estimator.export_savedmodel(export_dir_base="/my/dir/base", serving_input_receiver_fn=serving_input_receiver_fn)

Now I want to convert my saved model to use it with the JavaScript version of TensorFlow, tf.js, using the tfjs-converter.

When I issue the following command:

tensorflowjs_converter --input_format=tf_saved_model --output_node_names='dnn/head/predictions/str_classes,dnn/head/predictions/probabilities' --saved_model_tags=serve /my/dir/base /my/export/dir

…I get this error message:

ValueError: Node 'dnn/input_from_feature_columns/input_layer/sentence_hub_module_embedding/module_apply_default/embedding_lookup_sparse/embedding_lookup' expects to be colocated with unknown node 'dnn/input_from_feature_columns/input_layer/sentence_hub_module_embedding

I assume I'm doing something wrong when saving the model.

What is the correct way to save an estimator model so that it can be converted with tfjs-converter?

The source code of my project can be found on GitHub.

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    At the moment it doesn't look like this is possible with the available library. Aside from this colocation issue, which seems to come from freezing word embeddings, tfjs-converter doesn't support all the ops in the graph. So even if the main TF library would freeze and restore the graph right, it would still include some unsupported ops like LookupTableFindV2 and StringToHashBucketFast. The README says to file issues to let the devs know which ops to support, but issues aren't currently enabled on the repo. – 0xsx Jul 14 '18 at 16:02
  • Awww, too bad... And surprising, since they have a word embeddings example in the tfjs repo, sentiment analysis of imdb movie ratings, pretty much the same as what I'm doing: github.com/tensorflow/tfjs-examples/tree/master/sentiment – Patrick Hund Jul 14 '18 at 16:49

You can try this and I think this will work. Just input your input format in code.

tensorflowjs_converter --input_format keras \
                       path/to/my_model.h5 \
  • Thanks, I'll give it a try – Patrick Hund Nov 4 '18 at 13:17
  • any luck? I keep running into Unsupported Ops errors. Also, is input_format keras correct here? Thought it was supposed to be tf_saved_model having exported from estimator.export_savedmodel(). – Bill Needels Mar 30 at 14:32

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