I am using Google Analytics Reporting API(v4) to pull some historical data for a view created under by account.

Following is sample request body:

        'reportRequests': [
          'viewId': VIEW_ID,
          'dateRanges': [{'startDate': report_date.strftime('%Y-%m-%d'), 'endDate': report_date.strftime('%Y-%m-%d')}],
          'dimensions': [{'name': 'ga:date'},{'name': 'ga:pagePath'}],
          'metrics': [{'expression': 'ga:pageviews'}, {'expression': 'ga:sessions'}, {'expression': 'ga:exits'},
                      {'expression': 'ga:bounces'}],
          'includeEmptyRows': 'true',
          'page_size': 10000,
          'page_token': page_token

I am running it under a daily loop for last 300 days with sleep(5) for each day. But, after running successfully for 2-4 days I am not getting any rows in the response. I am only getting summary information like follows:

{u'rowCount': 9137, u'minimums': [{u'values': [u'1', u'0', u'0', u'0']}], u'isDataGolden': True, u'maximums': [{u'values': [u'10421', u'6837', u'6769', u'1869']}], u'totals': [{u'values': [u'85103', u'29894', u'29835', u'12581']}]}

Not sure why API is behaving like this. Is there any API limit I am hitting?

  • We don't have access to your cloud console project that governs your API quota. Generally though, if you exceed quota, you will get an error message or a response code that isn't 200, etc. – tehhowch Jul 9 '18 at 22:35

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