I am trying to make a screensaver using pygame. I want it to take input from my keyboard, and quit if the correct input is given. This is what i have right now:

import pygame
from pygame.locals import *

WIDTH = 1366
HEIGHT = 768
windowSurface = pygame.display.set_mode((WIDTH, HEIGHT), pygame.FULLSCREEN)
img = pygame.image.load("bilde.jpeg")
running = True
name = ""
while running:
    events = pygame.event.get()
    for evt in pygame.event.get():
        if evt.type == pygame.KEYDOWN:
            if evt.unicode.isalpha():
                name += evt.unicode
            elif evt.key == K_BACKSPACE:
                name = name[:-1]
            elif evt.key == K_RETURN:
                name = ""
            elif evt.key == K_ESCAPE:
                running = False
    if name == "abc":
        running = False

in this case i want it to quit if abc is pressed, but nothing happens. (I have added the "K_ESCAPE" event so that i am able to quit while testing. Thanks!


You must not call pygame.event.get() more than once per frame, otherwise you'll miss some events because this function empties the event queue. Just remove the line events = pygame.event.get() and it should work correctly.

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