Variable X used to be string. So I used encode command to make it non-string.

But after that when I sort it, it's sorted in this way.


But usually, it should be sorted like


Why is sorting so strange after doing encode?

And it appears 1003 created from encode and 1003 in using dataset are considered different numbers.

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Not strange at all. Right near the top of help encode Stata tells you "Do not use encode if varname contains numbers that merely happen to be stored as strings".

encode maps strings in alphabetical (here alphanumeric) order to numeric values 1 up (unless you specify otherwise with a label() option).

So "1000" will sort before "10000" before "1001", and so forth.

You probably need destring but why was the variable read as string? That's what you need to worry about.

encode is for strings when you want a numeric equivalent. So "cat" "dog" "frog" "toad" will map to 1 2 3 4 and the string values will become value labels.

destring is for mistaken strings. The variable should be numeric, but something went wrong on reading the data. So, what was it that went wrong? Common errors include

  1. Header data from a spreadsheet that should be a variable label (or ignored) got read in as data.

  2. Codes for missing data such as NA that make sense to people or to some other program but do not correspond to Stata representations of missing.

  3. Garbage of some kind.

To check for problems, you could look at the values that wouldn't translate to numbers:

 tab whatever if missing(real(whatever)) 

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