I am trying to upload pandas dataframe into Vertica Database was able to setup the engine and query database using sqlalchemy.

But when I try to upload data from pandas dataframe get error message as Type "TEXT" does not exist. I am using windows 10, and created an ODBC connection.

import sqlalchemy as sa
engine = sa.create_engine('vertica+pyodbc:///?odbc_connect=%s' %(urllib.parse.quote('DSN=TESTDB'),))
sql_query = "select * from sample_table"
df = pd.read_sql_query(sql_query, con=engine) # this works, get the data as required in the dataframe
*df.apply[Do various data transformations as required]*

# Write back to the database
df.to_sql(name='sample_table_cleaned', con = engine, schema = "Dev" , if_exists = 'append', index = True)

the above code (df.to_sql) snippet comes up with an error as : ProgrammingError: (pyodbc.ProgrammingError) ('42704', '[42704] ERROR 5108: Type "TEXT" does not exist\n (5108) (SQLExecDirectW)')

Can Anyone help on this,

Thanks in Advance !!


Have faced similar thing at work, and have changed types using VARCHAR for the columns which are of string object

    dtypedict = {}  # create and empty dictionary
    for i,j in zip(df_para.columns, df_para.dtypes):
        if "object" in str(j):
            dtypedict.update({i: sa.types.VARCHAR})

    return dtypedict

updatedict = updateType(df)  # update the datafraame type

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