I use maven multi-module project like this:

com.user.business  (this is for db ORM api)


com.user.platform; com.user.playground

Уvery time I change the logic in ORM which means 'com.user.business' I need to maven install it first. And my other project will call this project API, so I need to compile it.

I use Eclipse Neon.3 Release (4.6.3) and download Jrebel plugin JRebel works in debug. I sysout and success, but sometimes it will not print success.

Do I need to set some config for JRebel ?

Maven project pom:


I use tomcat:run to run the project, I can't find any web.xml and config for Tomcat.

I need to know why JRebel deploy success. Our maven server is using Nexus,

I need to know how to let my JRebel console.


Do I need to set some config for JRebel ?

Make sure that all modules have JRebel enabled for them (Help > JRebel > Configuration > Projects), this will generate a rebel.xml configuration file that is used to map the actual class files to their respective build directories.

You shouldn't need a full mvn install after changing the source, just make sure that the changed class is recompiled in the build directory and JRebel will reload it into the running JVM.

  • Thank you to reply me: YES,My rebel.xml was there,and I it work sometime when I change the java. But when jrebel deploy success I cant get any message,so I use debug and system.out to know is jrebel work? when I change the ORM project (the other project call this method),It need to rebuild,but sometime dosent need to rebuild(jrebel will do it for me). So I need to know How can I log when jrebel deploy my maven multi-module in Eclipse console. rebel.xml: <classpath> <dir name="D:/gitbranch/lgame-business/target/classes"> </dir> </classpath> – detail0805 Jul 11 '18 at 0:44
  • This is my jrebel plugin in Eclipse setting,in this pic imgur.com/tAhSZY8 In the path C:\Users\user\.jrebel\jrebel.log ,I cant find the file. I dont know how to fix my Eclipse ,help me guys! – detail0805 Jul 11 '18 at 0:55

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