I'm new to react native moved from ReactJS I thought I can use same packages as my previous pure Reactjs app but I was wrong.

What I'm trying to do is to make a websocket connection.

I'm recently using autobahnJS package WAMP2 in my ReactJS app but when I moved to react native it seems autobahnJS doesn't support react-native

connectToSocketFunction = () =>{ // autobahn code
        let connection = new autobahn.Connection({ url: 'wss://api.example.com/websocket/', realm: 'Realm1', authmethods: ['jwt'] });
        connection.onopen = (session, detalis) => {

            session.subscribe('ChannelName', (data)=>console.log(data));

Anyone know how does react native make socket connection based on my code?

I have tried react-native-autobahnjs doesn't work


The React Native documentation mentions support for WebSocket connections:

var ws = new WebSocket('ws://host.com/path');

ws.onopen = () => {
  // connection opened
  ws.send('something'); // send a message

ws.onmessage = (e) => {
  // a message was received

ws.onerror = (e) => {
  // an error occurred

ws.onclose = (e) => {
  // connection closed
  console.log(e.code, e.reason);


You will most likely need to use other React Native based frameworks to fill in the gaps that Autobahn provided, e.g. session support and JWT authentication.

  • Do you know any frameworks to fill in the gaps like Autobahn? – Laura delgado Jul 10 '18 at 17:17
  • 1
    It would require several different frameworks and code snippets which is going to be way outside the scope of this question. You could alternatively fork AutoBahnJS and modify it to work with React Native. Here's an issue open on the AutoBahn GitHub that explains what you'd need to do. – Alex W Jul 10 '18 at 23:36
  • Thank you Alex for your help – Laura delgado Jul 11 '18 at 12:29

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