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I need to write some unit tests on this source code.

public class PagedCollection<T> : ReadOnlyCollection<T>, IPagedCollection<T>
    public int CurrentPage { get; }
    public int TotalPages { get; }
    public int PageSize { get; }
    public int TotalCount { get; }
    public bool HasPrevious => CurrentPage > 1;
    public bool HasNext => CurrentPage < TotalPages;

    public PagedCollection(ICollection<T> items, int count, int pageNumber, int pageSize) : base(items.ToList())
        EnsureArg.IsGte(count, 0, nameof(count));
        EnsureArg.IsGt(pageNumber, 0, nameof(pageNumber));
        EnsureArg.IsGt(pageSize, 0, nameof(pageSize));

        TotalCount = count;
        CurrentPage = pageNumber;
        PageSize = pageSize;
        TotalPages = (int)Math.Ceiling(count / (double)pageSize);

And I have 1 more question about unit testing: what is difference between mock and stub?

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