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Due to unavailability of OAuthAuthorizationServerProvider in .net core, I created a class library in .net framework 4.7 and implemented OAuthAuthorizationServerProvider as an Authorization server. But now as .net core 2.1 has been released, I want to know whether OAuthAuthorizationServerProvider is available or still unavailable. I have tried found this thing on google but didn't get any good results. There is another question OAuth Authorization Service in ASP.NET Core like this but that was asked more that 3 years before and I am asking in context of .Net Core 2.1 Thanks

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  • The questioned which you mentioned was asked more than 3 years before. And I am asking this question in context of .Net Core 2.1. This is how my question is different. I am asking whether OAuthAuthorizationServerProvider is available in .Net core or not? – Ask Jul 12 '18 at 5:24
  • The fact it was asked 3 years doesn't change anything. I try to keep all my SO answers up-to-date and my answer was recently updated to include a code snippet for 2.x. So no, OAuthAuthorizationServerProvider is not available in 2.1 and the ASP.NET team doesn't have any plan to ever port it. – Pinpoint Jul 18 '18 at 19:22
  • @Pinpoint, thanks for the answer. I have asked another question on SO related to ASOS. Can you answer that? stackoverflow.com/questions/51415026/… – Ask Jul 19 '18 at 5:37

I will point you to the Core 2.1 documentation https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/microsoft.aspnetcore.authentication.oauth?view=aspnetcore-2.1

Have a look, I am sure you can find what you are looking for in there.

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