So what I'm trying to do is I create a new site collection and then I want to add some content types on it, that I want to get from the content type hub.

So far I've got this:

using (Context)
            Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ContentTypeCollection ctColl = null;
            List<Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ContentType> toAddCts = new List<Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ContentType>();

            using (ClientContext cthubcontext = Context.Clone(".../sites/contenttypehub/"))
                ctColl = cthubcontext.Web.ContentTypes;

                foreach (var ct in ctColl)
                    if (site.ContentTypes.IndexOf(ct.Name) > -1)

                Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ContentTypeCollection siteContentTypes = Context.Web.ContentTypes;

                foreach (var ct2 in toAddCts)

The "Context" is the context when logged in on the site itself. I attempt to get a new context from the contenttypehub and get all it's content types. Then I filter and add the content types that I need to my own list. Then I attempt to get all content types of my site context. Then I iterate foreach my own list of content types that I want to add and attempt to add them to my siteContentTypes.

However this gives following error:

the object is used in the context different from the one associated with the object.  

Anyone has an idea of how to make this work? Or is there an easier way of adding (existing) content types to a recently created site collection? Or can I pass content types when creating the site collection?

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