I see in files like this within the Microsoft Owin projects a logger is being called


Can anyone tell me how I activate it to actually start writing logs somewhere that I can read?

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By default Katana uses the TraceSource mechanism in .NET for logging. Add the following snippet to your config file to enable logging to a file:

  <trace autoflush="true" />

    <source name="Microsoft.Owin">
        <add name="KatanaListener" />

    <add name="KatanaListener"
          traceOutputOptions="ProcessId, DateTime" />

    <add name="Microsoft.Owin"
          value="Verbose" />

You can use Katana's default logging infrastructure and modify as needed. Here is a very detailed post that explains Katana's logging infrastructure and outlines how to add Owin/Katana logging to your projects. It also contains Github samples that you can reference.

This official Microsoft guide is very helpful as well.


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