I am looking for a package which can read .sas7bvew in R. I was trying with haven, but it can only read .sas7bdat

  • Do you mean sas7bdat? If so, then library(sas7bdat); – pinegulf Jul 11 at 11:46
  • Please read the description. – Lotto7408 Jul 11 at 11:52
  • Sure, sure. It just does not compute with me. Quote=" The SAS Data View looks and acts just like a SAS Dataset. However the Data View contains no data whatsoever. Instead the Data view contains code." So what are you exactly trying to do? Exporting SAS code to R? See more on www2.sas.com/proceedings/sugi27/p069-27.pdf – pinegulf Jul 11 at 12:21
  • Sas7BVew is really a file with a query underneath, not a data table with information. Do you want the code/query instead? – Reeza Jul 11 at 14:46
  • @pinegulf I wanted to read the a .sas7bvew file in R. One "trivial" option is to first use a data step in SAS to save the file as .sas7bdat and then read it in R via haven. But I wanted to know if we can do that directly without opening SAS. – Lotto7408 Jul 17 at 13:14
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There is no data in a view for R or any other non-SAS program to read.

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