I'm running Prestashop and have built a custom module for posting comments.

I'm trying to load a css file and a javascript file each time the user visits the product page, where the module is being loaded.

public function hookDisplayProductComments($params) {
    return $this->display(__FILE__, 'displayProductTabContent.tpl');

In the function assignProductComments() i have:

public function assignProductComments() {

The files are not only not loaded, but there is no trace of them in the page source either.

I mention that:

  • both of the files have some content in them
  • The directory structure is: /views/css/mymodcomments.css, and /views/js/mymodcomments.js, in the folder of the module
  • Either i leave these assets in the directory, or i delete them, the script still doesn't seem to try to load them

I tried:

  • cleaning the cache

  • forcing file compilation

  • uninstalling and reinstalling the module


Alright, so the answer was that the assets (js and css files) need to be loaded in the hookDisplayHeader() function. So, you have to add a registerHook('displayHeader') in the custom module in install() function, and then uninstall and reinstall the custom module.

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