Starting with Python 3.7, there is something called a dataclass:

from dataclasses import dataclass

class Foo:
    x: str

However, the following fails:

>>> import json
>>> foo = Foo(x="bar")
>>> json.dumps(foo)
TypeError: Object of type Foo is not JSON serializable

How can I make json.dumps() encode instances of Foo into json objects?


Much like you can add support to the JSON encoder for datetime objects or Decimals, you can also provide a custom encoder subclass to serialize dataclasses:

import dataclasses, json

class EnhancedJSONEncoder(json.JSONEncoder):
        def default(self, o):
            if dataclasses.is_dataclass(o):
                return dataclasses.asdict(o)
            return super().default(o)

json.dumps(foo, cls=EnhancedJSONEncoder)

Can't you just use the dataclasses.asdict() function to convert the dataclass to a dict? Something like:

>>> @dataclass
... class Foo:
...     a: int
...     b: int
>>> x = Foo(1,2)
>>> json.dumps(dataclasses.asdict(x))
'{"a": 1, "b": 2}'
  • The dataclass may be deeply nested part of a large structure. By using a custom encoder, you can do json.dumps({"obj": [something_that_may_or_may_not_contain_a_dataclass]}) as – miracle2k Jan 10 at 17:43

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