How would I write out a code where the user inputs a string and is then part of the input is compared against a second input. For example; two numbers share the same 1-4 numbers so, 123456 and 123467 would have an output of they are same, but 123456 and 134567 would have an output of they are different.

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    I think you might get better results if you explained what you had tried to do and where you are stuck. If you really don't know where to begin, at least start with very small problems, like "how would I get the first four characters of a string", because it seems like if you knew how to do that, the next question might be "how would I compare two four character strings"? Followed by "how do I write an if statement to do one thing or another thing". As you've written it, your question really reads like "would someone please do my homework for me?" – Marc Talbot Jul 12 '18 at 0:01

Take a look at Data.List. There are bunch of useful functions. Your particular function may look like this:

import Data.List

shares4 :: String -> String -> Bool
shares4 s1 s2 =
    any (\s -> isSubsequenceOf s s2) -- we check if any of subsequences of first string are in the second
    $ filter (\s -> length s == 4) -- we take only those that are 4 chars long
    $ subsequences s2 -- returns all possible subsequences of a string
  • subsequences will return some non-contiguous character sequences. You probably want a combination of tails and take 4 instead. – 4castle Jul 12 '18 at 14:36

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