I have started using Vuetify to add ui-components and use pre-defined layouts. The problem is that I have to look into online-docs every now and then, and requires me to be connected to internet perpetually.

Is there a way to get offline docs for Vuetify? Like an html built with doxygen/javadocs, or a CHM? PDF? LaTEX? Anything really helps.



git clone https://github.com/vuetifyjs/vuetifyjs.com.git has become a private project. The docs are now in the packages/docs/ directory. Instructions have been updated.

You can download the project from the vuetifyjs site repo, install and run locally.

git repo: https://github.com/vuetifyjs/vuetify

The instructions (for vue-cli-2 based project):

    cd /tmp/
    git clone https://github.com/vuetifyjs/vuetify.git
    cd vuetify/packages/doc

    # option 1 - build and serve
    yarn build
    yarn start

    # option 2 - run dev instance
    yarn dev
  • These pages have been 404'd, could you please update the links. – Studocwho Jan 24 at 1:21
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    Not familiar with vuejs or the project in general, that's why I'm leaving a comment (someone else can double-check if it's the right project or not). Found the website, the website links to github.com/vuetifyjs/vuetify -- dunno if that's the right link though – Zoe Jan 24 at 15:08
  • I am looking for pdf doc for vuejs, the problem with the local node server is that, though they can be viewed, they can't be searched like regular pdf. – Ben Jun 7 at 2:09
  1. download zip from https://github.com/vuetifyjs/vuetify
  2. extract it to any place like i put it in d:\xampp\htdcos\vuetify-master
  3. than open command prompt (cmd) and type this path d:\xampp\htdcos\vuetify-master
  4. run this command yarn here D:\xampp\htdocs\vuetify-master>yarn
  5. than run yarn build here D:\xampp\htdocs\vuetify-master>yarn build
  6. than yarn start here D:\xampp\htdocs\vuetify-master>yarn start
  7. it will start vuetify local docs at
  8. now open browser and type http://localhost:8095 and enjoy

node module is required also install yarn from https://yarnpkg.com/lang/en/docs/install/#windows-stable before running yarn commands and make sure check yarn version in cmd via yarn -v

git clone https://github.com/vuetifyjs/vuetify.git
yarn build
yarn start
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    Hi Alec, please could you add a description to go with your terminal snippet. – Mike Poole Jul 10 at 15:51

See the docs on how to run the docs.

git clone https://github.com/vuetifyjs/vuetify.git
cd vuetify
yarn build
yarn dev docs

Then head over to http://localhost:8095/en/getting-started/quick-start

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