How can I configure this authorization scenario in a .NET MVC app? I'm trying to set up a demo which programmatically adds some roles to the current User object. I have a controller method decorated with the following AuthorizeAttribute:

[Authorize(Roles = "AppAdmin")]
public ActionResult Index()
   //do some stuff

I have the following authorization configured in Web.config:

<authentication mode="Windows"/>
    <allow roles="AppAdmin"/>
    <deny users="*"/>

In Global.asax.cs, I'm attempting to set the current user with custom roles before authorization by redirecting the current User object for processing via the following methods:

public MvcApplication()
    var wrapper = new EventHandlerTaskAsyncHelper(SetCurrentUser);
    AddOnAcquireRequestStateAsync(wrapper.BeginEventHandler, wrapper.EndEventHandler);

private async Task SetCurrentUser(object sender, EventArgs e)
    var request = ((HttpApplication)sender).Request;
    await new AuthorizationManager().SetCurrentUser(request);

This works fine if I comment out both the AuthorizeAttribute as well as the section in Web.config. However, if I uncomment either of these things, the the MVC page returns an authorization error. The AuthorizationManager appropriately appends custom roles to the current User object but it appears that MVC processes authorization before the AuthorizationManager logic gets hit. Can you recommend an update to my implementation which will achieve MVC authorization using the custom User roles that I set in AuthorizationManager?

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