I get a list like:

var test = await list.ToListAsync();

this function works fine with ASP.NET MVC but with the migration to .NET CORE I have the error

Sequence contains no elements.

The list object is an IOrderedQueryable.

When I execute the sentence:

var test = list.ToList();

works correctly but I need a Async method...

EntityFrameworkCore Version: 2.1.1

Any idea of the problem?


Hopefully it will get you the required list.

Your interface signature would be like this

Task<ICollection<T>> GetAllAsyn();

Your implementation would be like this.

public virtual async Task<ICollection<T>> GetAllAsyn()
   return await _context.Set<T>().ToListAsync();

I found the issue. I get the list with a select that fails because a MAX() inside the select fails.

Max() issue (Only happends with EntityFrameworkCore ): -> Stackoverflow: Max return value if empty query

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