When I get an entity "Product" in the controller, I have all the null data.

public ModelAndView showProductDeletePage(
        @RequestParam String productId
    Long longId = Long.parseLong(productId);
    Product product = productService.getProductById(longId);

    ModelAndView modelAndView = new ModelAndView("/admin/product/delete");
    modelAndView.addObject("product", product);

    return modelAndView;

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But, in the string

    modelAndView.addObject("product", product);

I send a product to the form.

<div class="w3-container">
    <form th:action="@{'/admin/product/delete?productId=' + ${product.getId()}}" method="post">
    <h2>Delete product</h2>
    <p>If you submit, product will be deleted irrevocably</p>

    <div th:text = "${product.getProductName()}" class="w3-panel w3-card-4"><p>w3-card-4</p>
        <a href="/" class="w3-button w3-green">Cancel</a>
        <input class="w3-button w3-red" type="submit" value="Delete"/>

And, for example, in the strings

    <div th:text = "${product.getProductName()}" class="w3-panel w3-card-4"><p>w3-card-4</p>
<form th:action="@{'/admin/product/delete?productId=' + ${product.getId()}}" method="post">

my app has not a problem and returns to the screen correctly data.

How is it possible?

An issue in it, that I cannot use the entity in the other cases. And in general - how is it possible??

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    It isn't null... You are looking at the proxy (check the strange classname) and not the actual entity instance. If you click through on the handler you will eventually get to the actual instance. – M. Deinum Jul 12 '18 at 7:52
  • @M.Deinum, if you will commented my question, I will accept your answer – Valentyn Hruzytskyi Dec 20 '18 at 12:21

Hibernate uses proxies for the entities and currently you are looking at the proxy. The proxy itself acts like a Product but doesn't contain the actual data. That is present in the handler.

If you click through on the handler you eventually will get to the actual Product instance.


Possible reasons are:

  • You may have different connection strings.
  • Your web application is not in running state.
  • You have cached data.

Its not possible in the way you are trying to describe the issue, add debugger/breakpoints to narrow down your issue.

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