I am using TreeMap to sort the keys in the Map.

Map<Byte, List<TagEntity>> hashMap = list.stream().collect(Collectors.groupingBy(TagEntity::getTagType));

Map<Byte, List<TagEntity>> treeMap = new TreeMap<>(Comparator.reverseOrder());

But how to convert HashMap to TreeMap?

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You can create the TreeMap directly by passing a map supplier to groupingBy:

Map<Byte, List<TagEntity>> treeMap = 
                                      () -> new TreeMap<Byte, List<TagEntity>>(Comparator.reverseOrder()),

This is how you can create hashmap to treemap:

HashMap<Integer, String> hashMap = new HashMap<Integer, String>();
TreeMap<Integer, String> treeMap = new TreeMap<Integer, String>();

Refer here java-putting-hashmap-into-treemap

This should work:

TreeMap treeMap = new TreeMap<>(hashMap);



  • Using new TreeMap<>(hashMap) doesn't allow you to pass a Comparator. – Eran Jul 12 at 7:29

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