I was trying to update my table but I couldn't make it work.. I always end up with the error:

Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

Here is my Controller:

 public function show_score($id)

        $scores = Score::with(['lead','subject'])->where(['subject_id'=>$id])->get();

        return view('markbook.show_score',compact('scores'));

    public function update_score(Request $request)
        $id = $request->input('id');

         $scores = Score::find($id);
         foreach ($scores as $datas) {



Route::get('markbook/scores/{id}', 'MarkbookController@show_score' );
Route::post('markbook/scores', 'MarkbookController@update_score'); 

Here is my table I'm trying to loop the updated score:

enter image description here

  • Score::find($id); finds one item/row, what are you trying to loop over here? – kerbholz Jul 12 at 7:30
  • im trying to loop Jan_ap and jan_hm update them – Grace Jul 12 at 7:32
  • and where is $datas declared? – Danyal Sandeelo Jul 12 at 7:33
  • $scores = Score::find($id); returns 1 object right? – Danyal Sandeelo Jul 12 at 7:33
  • wwait and see my table i update my question – Grace Jul 12 at 7:34
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From chat discussion what found is that you want to update multiple scores, which is listed in tr, td. You can change it like this

Change in view

@foreach($scores as $score) 
        <td>{{$score->lead->student_name}} <input type="hidden" name="scores[{{$loop->index}}][id]" value="{{$score->id}}"></td> 
        <td><input type="text" name="scores[{{$loop->index}}][jan_ap]" value="{{$score->jan_ap}}"></td> 
        <td><input type="text" name="scores[{{$loop->index}}][jan_hm]" value="{{$score->jan_hm}}"></td> 

Controller update score

public function update_score(Request $request) 
    $scores = $request->input('scores');  //here scores is the input array param 

    foreach($scores as $row){
        $score = Score::find($row['id']); 
        $score->jan_ap = $row['jan_ap']; 
        $score->jan_hm = $row['jan_hm']; 
  • this is the best answer thanks master ... much love.. – Grace Jul 12 at 9:14

Using Score::find($id) you're only ever going to return 1 result so there won't be anything to foreach over.

If you just want to update a single row in the table you don't need to foreach it.

You can simply run

$score = Score::find($request->input($id));
$score->jan_ap = $request->input('jan_ap');
$score->jan_hm = $request->input('jan_hm');

if you want to return multiple rows you need to change your find to a get()

so $scores = Score::where('something', $request->input('something))->get();

If you want to update every row in the table with the same information you'd do a:

$scores = Score::all();

That would return every row in the table.

  • how bout multiple rows example two student – Grace Jul 12 at 7:35
  • 1
    Then you need to chance your find to a get(); – WebDevB Jul 12 at 7:36
  • do i still need the for each loop? – Grace Jul 12 at 7:36
  • Yes, if you're returning multiple rows. – WebDevB Jul 12 at 7:38
  • side note: if you pass an array/Arrayable to find you will get a collection – lagbox Jul 12 at 8:22

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