I am trying to create a table of contents with hyperlink in Ods pdf.My requirements are I want a table of contents with page no as well as hyperlink also. I have try two methods.

  1. I have created table of contents with datalines in which I have used ods pdf anchor to create hyperlink in pdf report but I am not getting page no.

  2. I have used ods proclabel to create table of contents in that I am getting page no but not getting hyperlink

  • have tried TOC in Ods RTF it's working and I am getting page no also but to view that TOC everytime i have to press Alt+F9 is this any other way that I can view that TOC without pressing any key. – user9417051 Jul 12 at 9:11
  • Please share the code you've tried, and perhaps someone can help you improve it. – user667489 Jul 12 at 9:33
  • Which version of SAS are you using ? You can use PROC SETINIT;RUN; to see the version in the log window. – Richard Jul 13 at 10:23
  • I am using SAS 9.2 – user9417051 Jul 13 at 10:50
  • @user667489 I need a method to create a TOC with hyperlink in pdf that's it – user9417051 Jul 13 at 10:51

Here is a sample of 2). ODS PDF CONTENTS creates a TOC with entries that are the bookmark items, however none of the items or page numbers are hyperlinks. I don't think there is an ODS feature that lets you specify that PDF TOC entries should also be hyperlinks.

ods _all_ close;

ods pdf 
  contents=yes  %* specify TOC be generated, can also specify with CONTENTS/NOCONTENTS;

ods proclabel "SASHELP.CLASS listing"; * Bookmark level 1;

options nodate nonumber;

proc print noobs data=sashelp.class
  contents='' %* option as empty-string removes bookmark level 2;

ods proclabel "SASHELP gender counts";
title "Gender frequency";

proc sgplot data=sashelp.class 
  description="Simple bar chart" %* option sets bookmark level 2;
  vbar sex ; 

ods pdf close;

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