I have split my data into train and test sets. I used proc genmod for GLM on my train set. Now i Would like to see how are my predictions on the test set by calculating the RMSE on the test set. I saw on the internet that proc plm can help predict on a new data (my case: the test set) but i still cant figure it out... Here is my code :

proc genmod data= glm_pred;
class   variable1 variable2 variable3 variable4 ;
    model Nb_sin =  variable1 variable2 variable3 variable4  /
dist = poisson
link = log
store out= logmod;

output out=toto stdRESCHI=r pred=p;

 proc plm source=logmod;
        score data=Test_set out=preds pred=pred ;

If anyone can help, i would appreciate it !!!! Thanks a lot

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