I have the following code to generate a line graph with base plot system and reset x axis values with a vector of three week days (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday):

plot(data$obsn, data$Global_active_power, type = "l")
axis(1, at = c(0, mean(data$obsn), max(data$obsn)),
     labels = c("Thu", "Fri", "Sat"))

I was expecting the second line to substitute the x axis default values, but instead of that, the new x axis values overlap the previous values and I get a mess.

How can I do to substitute the x default axis values with my new ones instead of overlapping them?

  • @李哲源 Thanks, so the annotation is never aimed to substitute previous lables? Is strictly neccesary to specify the xaxt argument? – Mauro Jul 12 at 12:45
data = data.frame(obsn=0:2, Global_active_power=runif(3))  # Sample data

plot(data$obsn, data$Global_active_power, type = "l", axes=FALSE)  # No axis

axis(1, at = c(0, mean(data$obsn), max(data$obsn)),  # Adds x axis
     labels = c("Thu", "Fri", "Sat"))
axis(2)  # Adds y axis

See ?axis for more details. This guide might also help.

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