I have just practise to grab some data from a web page. Of course, I am new in c#. I am using regex but it does not word. and return null.

using HtmlAgilityPack;

namespace ConsoleApp1

    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            HtmlWeb web = new HtmlWeb();
            HtmlDocument doc = web.Load("https://www.videoblocks.com/video/after-effects-cs5-template-bracket-titles-65zdx8e");

            var title = doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes(xpath: "//ul[@class='stockItemInfo-stockSpec']").FirstOrDefault().InnerText.Split(':').FirstOrDefault();
            var secp = doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//ul[@class='stockItemInfo-stockSpec']//li//span").FirstOrDefault().InnerText;


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