I am trying to transfer a matrix (or a data frame) from R to an MS xlsx file.

I know that the xlsx package does not provide a lot of options of pasting data to a specific range of an xlsx sheet (the only option I found is the addDataFrame function which is difficult to handle) and at the same time its function of saving a workbook (xlsx::saveWorkbook) takes a lot of time.

Thus, I tried to use the openxlsx package and its writeData function.

Here is my code:

WB = loadWorkbook(file = paste(Out_dir, Out_FN, sep="")) writeData(wb=WB, sheet = "sheetName", x = Data, startRow = 11, startCol = 5, colNames = FALSE, rowNames = FALSE)

where Out_dir and Out_FN are the directory and the xlsx file name where I want to transfer the data.

Although, when I use the loadWorkbook function I get the following error message:

Error in grepl(target, commentsXML) : invalid 'pattern' argument

Any proposed solutions would be appreciated.

  • To debug your code, you want to break it down step by step. You get this error after the first line (loadWorkbook), correct? So something is going wrong in that line. Does paste(Out_dir, Out_FN, sep="") definitely lead to an existing file? – camille Jul 12 at 14:24
  • Hi camille, yes that's the line of the code that gives me the error. The file is indeed there. – Whitebeard13 Jul 12 at 14:26

I think the issue with your code is the paste function for your directory. without the / in the filepath it is getting an error. If you save a workbook to your working directory called Book3.xlsx and try the below code. It should provide you with a working example of the openxlsx package function and ordering to produce your desired results.

df<-data.frame(a=c(1,2,3), b=c("a","b","c"))
wb<- loadWorkbook(paste0(out_dir,out_file))
saveWorkbook(wb, out_file, overwrite = TRUE)
  • Hi thanks for your answer. I already checked this aspect and it is not the problem. – Whitebeard13 Jul 12 at 16:56
  • @Whitebeard13 here is a github link to the problem, I would recommend writing your matrix to a fresh excel and move it or copy it to your desired workbook. – Michael Vine Jul 12 at 19:02
  • @ Michael Vine Indeed the xlsx file in which I want to paste my data is full of merged cells with comments and maybe this is the reason of why R can't read it. I managed to paste the data with both the xlsx::loadWorkbook xlsx::addDataFrame and XLConnect::loadWorkbook, XLConnect::writeWorksheet but when I am saving the files (with the corresponding function from each package) I get a corrupted file plus the pasting changes the format of the sheet. So these are two additional impediments that I have to overcome. – Whitebeard13 Jul 13 at 8:26
  • @Whitebeard13 without your actual workbook I am unable to assist you further. – Michael Vine Jul 15 at 13:36

Here are several options for you to consider.

library(xlsx) #load the package
# we'll assume your spreadsheet will be 20 rows & 8 columns
m <- (matrix('',nrow = 20,ncol = 8)) # '' removes NA from your final spreadsheet
# place values in specific cells 
m[10,2] <- c("B10") # as B10 is in row 10 and column 2
m[20,8] <- c("H20")
# export as xlsx
write.xlsx(x = m, file = "C:/your_path_here/Book1.xlsx",sheetName = "Sheet1", row.names = FALSE, col.names=FALSE)
## ######## ########
# load file contents
file <- "C:/your_path_here/Book1.xlsx"
wb <- loadWorkbook(file)
sheets <- getSheets(wb)
sheet <- sheets[[1]]  # or another
# data to put into B10:H20 range
data <- matrix(runif(7*11), nrow=11, ncol=7)
# modify contents
addDataFrame(data, sheet, col.names = FALSE, row.names = FALSE,
    startRow = 10, startColumn = 2)
# save to disk
saveWorkbook(wb, file)
## ######## ########
wb <- loadWorkbook("C:/your_path_here/Book10.xlsx", create = TRUE)
createSheet(wb, name = "Sheet1")

# here, you can set the startRow and startCol. Col A = 1, B = 2,...
writeWorksheet(wb,x,"Sheet1",startRow = 10, startCol = 3, header = TRUE)

# automatically adjust column width
setColumnWidth(wb, sheet = "Sheet1", column = 3:4, width = -1)
## ######## ########

You can write to multiple sheets with the xlsx package. You just need to use a different sheetName for each data frame and you need to add append=TRUE:

write.xlsx(dataframe1, file="filename.xlsx", sheetName="sheet1")
write.xlsx(dataframe2, file="filename.xlsx", sheetName="sheet2", append=TRUE)

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