I want implement purity measure in python, I have an excel file like this: enter image description here

The numbers are cluster of laptops. I want to get the number of laptops per cluster like this: enter image description here

can you help me??

  • Did you try counting? It's a very powerful algorithm. You begin at 0 and then always increment by 1. – Has QUIT--Anony-Mousse Jul 12 '18 at 16:50

In your excel file, concatenate your two columns before analysis with python. If your data is in columns A and B in excel, you can concatenate with this formula:

=Concatenate(A1,", ",B1)

Here is the result:

Concatenated columns

Now that you have each brand combined with its cluster number, you can run a simple python script to count how many times each string appears.

Pseudocode for python:

d = dict()

For each row in concatenated column:
    If string in d: #checking if dictionary key already exists for this computer-cluster combo
        d[string] += 1 #add 1 if exists already
        d[string] = 1 #create key and assign value of 1 if key does not exist already


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