I have a dataframe containing 1065 observations of paths to DICOM files. I want to read each of the files so that I can parse specific values from the metadata. As there are many files, I want to read them in parallel. I seem to have all the components (see below), but I am unable to tie them all into a coherent pipeline.

To read an individual DICOM file, grab its headers (prop->value), and pull a specific value (using oro.dicom package):

x <- readDICOMFile(path)

To import all headers:

parseDICOMHeadersAt <- function(path) { readDICOMFile(path)$hdr$value }
headers <- mclapply(rawdata$path, parseDICOMHeadersAt)

But I can't seem to make any progress from here into putting everything together (below does not work):

rawdata <- read_csv(DATASET_FILE_FULL) %>%
    select(PATH) %>%
    rename(path = PATH)

headers <- mclapply(rawdata$path, parseDICOMHeadersAt)
headers_tib <- tibble(headers)

I would like to be able to do something like:

   rawdata <- read_csv(DATASET_FILE_FULL) %>%
       select(PATH) %>%
       rename(path = PATH) %>%
       mutate(headers = ...,
              sex = map(headers[52]),
              age = map(headers[53]))

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