I am now working on introducing a new method into a closed-source apk by modifying its dex files directly. Since the method count of each dex has a 65536 limit, I failed to insert methods to some dex with method count nearly to that limit. Although Google has provided some official solutions that helps developers to enable multidex for apk, those solutions require modifying Gradle files and rebuild the project, which is not applicable for closed-source apk.

To solve my problem, I wonder whether it is possible to split a dex into severel dex (like multidex) by using any existing tool, or even manually process dex with dex2jar (or other tools). If the latter one is feasible, can anyone provide a rough description on how to do?

  • Hi ! You are missing some basic elem nets in your question: what language are you coding in ? Could you format your post better ? The more explicit it is, the more likely users are going to help you ! – Cukic0d Jul 12 at 14:56

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