I've got a hosts file for multiplexing in Ansible

master ansible_host= ansible_ssh_user=root ansible_ssh_pass=froyo 

worker1 ansible_host= ansible_ssh_user=root ansible_ssh_pass=froyo
worker2 ansible_host= ansible_ssh_user=root ansible_ssh_pass=froyo

and I'm wanting to make a shell command to set node names

- hosts: workers
  become: yes
    - name: join cluster
      shell: "{{ hostvars['master'].join_command }} --node-name {{self.name}} >> node_joined.txt"
        chdir: $HOME
        creates: node_joined.txt

The Q/A in How to get the host name of the current machine as defined in the Ansible hosts file? identified to include inventory_hostname, however this did not work for me .. I could change the hostnames of the workers, which is what I want to avoid.

from the above play i'm expecting two nodes to be identified in master via the names worker1 and worker2 that exist in the hosts file.

i couldn't set anything: inventory_hostname or others including ansible_hostname and ansible_nodename. is there any way to access the names worker1 and worker2 from the hosts? it doesn't seem the variables from ansible -i hosts worker1 -m setup can be set... please help me identify what i'm missing, thanks in advance


You need to limit the playbook to worker1


ansible-playbook -i hosts --limit worker1 -m setup

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