I am wondering how I should name my formset definitions. Say I have a form called UserForm, then I would define a complementing form set like:

UserFormSet = modelform_factory(User, UserForm, extra=0)

Everyone post here regarding formsets seem to name theirs like the above.

But PyCharm tells me thats bad because UserFormSet is not a class definition.

Whats the correct way?

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From django webpage Formsets, the way you are assigning your Formsets is the correct way. The problem occurs because PyCharm is looking at the Formset assignment as a typical variable even though it is class. The return value from modelform_factory is as follows.

return type(form.__name__ + 'FormSet', (formset,), attrs)
# where
type(name, bases, dict)

As you can see it returns a class using bases of formset. So this error is ignorable or if possible you could try to override it. I am not familiar with PyCharm but this almost seems to be something they should add an exception for.

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