So I'm making a game that involves the player colliding with hitboxes, and a function that should return True if the player has collided with any of the hitboxes in the group. This works with one hitbox, but if I put the group in the spritecollide function it returns the error "Hitbox object not iterable". I've put the function belowif anyone could help.(Targets is the hitbox group)

def CheckCollision(Targets,Player):
for x in Targets:
    if pygame.sprite.spritecollide(Player,x,0) == True:
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Look at the docs for spritecollide.

The first argument should be a Sprite; the second argument should be a Group.

The error message tells you what's wrong: x is not iterable, since it's a Hitbox. So stop calling spritecollide with Hitbox objects and call it with the Targets (it should a Group)instead:

def CheckCollision(Targets, Player):
    return pygame.sprite.spritecollide(Player, Targets,0)

But if you only want to know if the Player (which should be a Sprite) collides with anything in Targets (it should a Group), then you can simply use spritecollideany.

def CheckCollision(Targets, Player):
    return pygame.sprite.spritecollideany(Player, Targets)

You should use spritecollide only if you want to remove Sprites or need a list of all Sprites that intersect with another Sprite.

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