I'm rendering a docbook article from the top down and if I encounter certain errors I need to put in a flag into the metadata. What's the best tag I can add at the end to represent this flag? I am writing articleinfo as the first tag in the article so I can't use that. Is there a best practice for this?


I suggest you have a some little misunderstandings about DocBook.

Note: I assume you use DocBook 4.5 because of articleinfo mentioned. This element is deprecated in DocBook 5.x in favor of info element that is common metadata root element for all top level structure types (books, articles, etc.).

Here are some points you need to put your attention on.

Type or errors

  1. There are several types of errors you can faced (assume you have well-formed xml files - this can be an another fundamental type of error):

    • Structure errors - i.e. validating again DocBook schema.
    • Layout errors - i.e. you don't like the way your article is presented on a print matter.
    • Logical-based errors concerning the text matter - i.e. you don't want to have long sentences, etc.

Depending on the error type there are different ways for fixing:

  • Structure errors - you can't put a sign of this type of error WITHIN a destination DocBook file, because the structure error prevents destination DocBook to be processed and/or generated.
  • Layout errors - this is fully depend on you final destination (print, html or just xml) so the answer is - it depends
  • Logical-based errors - here you are fully qualified to do what you want and to put any information you want within your DocBook file (see Usecase 1 below).

DocBook as a document vocabulary

DocBook is a XML-based vocabulary so you can make any XML -> XML processing using xslt stylesheets other than DocBook XSLT Stylesheets (and its customizations).

Usecase 1: you want to check if your article contains some element (i.e. guimenu). If yes, you want to put a sign within your articleinfo element. You write your own xsl stylesheet to produce final DocBook file with a sign within depend on your conditions.This stylesheet DOESN'T have to be any connection with a a default DocBook XSL Stylesheets.

  • Yeah I'm checking for an error within the text that's being put into a docbook. However the program is looking at the text and converting it into docbook in a top down way as it parses the text. I want to prefer keeping articleinfo/info as the first tag so if the parser hits a text error it can add a flag to the end of the document and then xsl picks up that flag and adds a watermark to the first page (or the headers). – R Zol Jul 13 '18 at 16:37
  • I suggest you need to provide a MCVE stackoverflow.com/help/mcve to look at. – Eduard Tibet Jul 14 '18 at 19:25

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