Here is my code:

from gtts import gTTS
import pygame

def speak(audioString):
    tts = gTTS(text=audioString, lang='en')


It creates the 'audio.mp3' file, but I can't hear anything. Any conjectures? Maybe I should use something else?

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    Are you able to play this audio file using conventional audio players? – Vulcan Jul 12 '18 at 20:03

play function is async and returns immediately, so you should add something to stall and wait before exiting.

And to be sure that you are not waiting so long, you can use this snippet:

while pygame.mixer.music.get_busy(): 

Edit: there is even a better way to do this, use pygame.event.wait(), which will wait for all the async tasks to end.

  • In my one experience with Pygame, I used play() in a similar manner as OP, without any wait after calling it, and audio played as expected. I suspect something else is the problem here though I can't say for sure. – Vulcan Jul 12 '18 at 20:03

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