I have a small problem, I'm trying to save a portion of a TLayout (LayoutScale) in an Timage (ImmagineCreata). Being TLayout (LayoutScala) very large I would like to break it in many images 8000x8000, but what I get are many images of correct size but all white and only the first image filled with all the content of the TLayout but climbed on 8000x8000

    procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
var ImmagineCreata : FMX.Graphics.TBitmap;
    NumImgX, NumImgY, x, y, dimensioneX, dimensioneY : integer;
  if (LayoutScala.Width > 8000) or (LayoutScala.Height > 8000) then
    //valuta il numero di immagini da fare in x e in y
    NumImgX := 1 + (Round(LayoutScala.Width)  div 8000);
    NumImgY := 1 + (Round(LayoutScala.Height) div 8000);
    //salva le immagini
    for y := 1 to NumImgY do
      //dimensione lato in y
      dimensioneY := 8000;
      if (y = NumImgY) then dimensioneY := Round((NumImgY * 8000) - LayoutScala.Height);
      //valuta l'altro verso
      for x := 1 to NumImgX do
        //dimensione lato in x
        dimensioneX := 8000;
        if (x = NumImgX) then dimensioneX := Round((NumImgX * 8000) - LayoutScala.Width);
        // Crea il rettangolo di disegno con le dimensioni dell'immagine
        ImmagineCreata := FMX.Graphics.TBitmap.Create(dimensioneX, dimensioneY);
        //Traccia il controllo e i suoi figli nel bitmap di destinazione
        try LayoutScala.PaintTo(ImmagineCreata.Canvas, RectF((x-1)*8000, (y-1)*8000, ((x-1)*8000)+dimensioneX, ((y-1)*8000)+dimensioneY));
        finally ImmagineCreata.Canvas.EndScene;
        // Salva l'immagine
        //svuota la memoria

enter image description here

I use Delphi 10.2.3 and FireMonkey

  • 8000×8000 pixel size image is already very big. I'd cut it to smaller pieces. For example many map application creators use 256×256 pixels size images. – Victoria Jul 12 at 21:56
  • Please, never post code as an image. It's totally useless waste. – Tom Brunberg Jul 13 at 3:27
  • But what could be the solution? – systemgvp Jul 14 at 9:32

In your line try LayoutScala.PaintTo(ImmagineCreata.Canvas..) I believe you misunderstand the TLayout.PaintTo(ACanvas, ARect) method. ARect specifies the rectangle area of the ACanvas (destination) to draw on and not the rectangle in the source canvas.

Because you write all squares (with exception of the first one x=1, y=1) outside of the target bitmap you got just white bitmaps for all other x and y combinations.

In order the get the result you want you need to copy first the entire layout to a intermediated bitmap (with the same size as your TLayout) and use inside the nested for loops for x and y the method Bitmap.Canvas.DrawBitmap which allows you to handover the source and destination rectangles.

  • I can not pass the TLayout in a TBitmap because the TBitmap is larger than 10000x10000 and therefore can not be created – systemgvp Jul 19 at 23:39
  • In general firemonkey limits TBitmap size to 65536 x 65536 pixels but on Windows platform DirectX limits farther the TBitmap size to 8192 x 8192 pixels. I don't see an alternative way to fetch only a partial rectangle out of a canvas. The method ´TControl.PaintTo´ redirects the canvas and calls the PaintInternal method which paints always the entire area. in opposite to the VCL TCanvas the firemonkey TCanvas does not offer the property pixels to access pixel by pixel at least. That is why you have to think about another structure of your application. How you fill the layout? – Schneider Infosystems Ltd Jul 20 at 6:39

I solved by automatically moving the scroll and creating screenshots

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